Learning and Culture !


What i have come to understand is different

from what i was trained to believe.

That hate resides everywhere except in the mind

that refuses to go dark and sees light.

Nothing shines like a mindset ready to share,

willing to learn and stable to listen.

Chance is one thing, Destiny is another;

Oppourtunity combines both.


- Cornerstone Adebunmi Adeola Akinbo (2021).

Culture Ambassador. Disruptive Professional.

SDGs and Local Content Diplomat. 



Poetry drives the passion to create something from nothing, looking at the void and emptiness, yet bringing to life that measure of desire that may be positive...or positive. This is a wordsmith that loves his trade.



Called and Led to serve. Using the media to bridge the gap between humanity and faith. Challenged by the distrust and motivated by His Words. Many are called but a few is chosen to face this challenge.



When it comes to product or person, professionalism is demanded to manage content and communication. I am priviledged to understand the wisdom and the psychology of communication.

What i do to survive.

Internet marketing


Brand speak volumes, and content is king. I put a touch of consistency in your brand and the internet does the rest.



Using the Photo that Draws, i sketch a word into picture, giving life to your very though and more without stress.



Its a hobby that puts bread in the butter and such an act that sees the past, the present and the future...a thousand memories.

Service to humanity is my desire

Politics is a pathway; we all walk it. However, some of us work it to make sure that love flows in the direction. Yes, politics can be a mode to show love when you do the right thing and not just saying the right words. I have served, still serving, tested and can be trusted. What i believe is that service is rewarded with the goodwill you create by your actons.


When you are ready and you make that call, i promise to deliver, no matter the crises, or the storm. I am faithfull to community, citizen and country. But, most especially, i am faithfull to the Almighty; So help me God.

Innovations and Initiatives' 


All Rigths Reserved.



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