While growing up, i was driven  to culture and history due to the dynamics of habits; music, dance and story telling from my linkages to Royal Houses. From Egba Ilawo to Arigbajo, From Ipokia to Iboro, a princely priesthood was common.


Thus, i was also inspired by modern migration, health issues and the need to experience the culture of other lands and seek a balance. Our namings and method of keeping the family character and ties, apporach to herbs and habits, etc embelished my today.



Faith in Christ drives me to the edge...and technology brings the world to us all. From Taking IT Global to Facebook, Lagurdia University Blackboard to 2020 Reality Check. I have a dossier for faulures, pains and heartbreaks. So many controversies that have shaped me but not define me. How i survived academic corridors, character assasination, etc. I have come a long way.


While i love wearing my Cultural Attires, i am willing to wear the suit for survival in the business industry. My people are still a slave to foreign culture. Some love to take credit for what i do. Others love to same my hopes. I am not a saint, definitely not you. I can do all the positive you ask me, and the positives. At least, i get paid for the Publicity created...pepper pays ! 


My name is Adebunmi Adeola Akinbo...i run things here.


Who am I ?

Passion Driven


Graduated from Obafemi Awolowo University in 2006 with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology.


While in the University, he advocated for the introduction of Cyber Cafe's while serving as the Secretary General of the Students Union, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-ife and advocated for Virtual Classrooms in 2001.


He pushed for the introduction of an ePortal as the Chairman/President of Telecoms and Internet Subscribers (TAIS) Forum. He was a known activist with a unique approach to Project and Conflict Management.


He also led the advocacy for Mobile Monitoring of Election, using Edo State as a pilot face during his Youth Service.Using My Nigeria Online (MyNOL), he wrote the first paper and need for the eNYSC in 2007. 


In 2008, he recreated the First Culture Festival, the likes of what he had acomplished in 2002 at the First Festival of Music, Arts and Dance (M.A.D). 


He was a leader in Zone D and defacto Clerk of NANS Senate in 2003.




His other roles and projects include: Founder of Webmasters Guild Nigeria; Innovative Member of the Management of Successgate Foundation (Former Project Director); Founder of Webmasters Guild Africa; CEO of Change Channel Communications; Former Executive Director of Research, Relations, and Technology at Yomm Kinboss Limited; Innovator of My Nigeria Online (MyNOL), Project Director at Saving Lives Nigeria, President of the Young Internet Professionals (YiPS), member of Nigerian Professionals (NiPRO), to mention a few.


He currently runs KOBOKINGs Limited, an innovation and local content, content development channel and platform. It also runs consultancy platform for developing organisations, research and developmental tools, social media and management consulting, collaboration and partnerships. KOBOKINGs Limited is an African Concept Driven company that as created many intervention products and services for the average African. They are MyNOL Academy, Amuluyo, SmartAct, Sociogurus, TheAwardsCrew, MysteryShopCrew, Change Channel Communications, etc


My Story


My story is in-complete without my parents. Nothing is sweet like parenting...i should know since i am a father now. Love is simply an act of thinking and doing what we believe is in the best intrest of the person in question. My Parent get level.


My Father was a man that made respect look like the air we breath; its a must! A distinctive Engineer that awed by family and friends. He cared too much for all. Love him everyday of my life.


My Mother,daughter of a great love story. She was kind, pleasant and remembered everyday for showing me the planet. Miss you always.


So, in the background,we have many more Akinbo's of Ilawo, Obanla's of Ipokia's, Owolabi's of Iboro, Masaku's of Arigbajo, ; Uncle's , Aunties, Nephew, Sisters, Step-Mom's, Wives, etc. Nothing do us!  We love parties and enjoy the company of family. We are a mix of Christians, Muslims and the Obvious. Yoruba Spirituality does not tell tales of falsehood.


Ask me.