Undergoing Upgrade

For Akinbo, 2019 will be remembered for its efforts in encouraging ease of doing business, leveraging on an automated system to register initiatives, deployment of support for hubs and focusing on policy developments. However, in 2020, he said: “ It’s critical to focus on the need for a policy on national critical infrastructure. Denial to right of way is not just wrong but criminal for any state government that took an oath to grow and develop its a constituency. “With the renaming of the Communications Ministry, comes more responsibility. More synergy is expected between MDA’s to properly address access, affordability and available services without infringing on business rights and privileges.


The average user is less concerned as long as the feedback is equal to satisfaction. “Government should focus on investing in Infrastructural Development and Maintenance. Inter-Ministry synchronization is key to successful actualisation. Technology without Power is equal to stagnation on an indifference curve. They should be perfect complementary products,” he added.


He also advised telecom Operators to understand that Corporate Social Responsibility is not a profit-making venture, and therefore embark on last Mile Initiatives in Rural Community to boost the penetration of technological services and reduce stress on Urban Infrastructures. He urged them to partner with NGOs, FBOs and CBOs to help grow local content and security.

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